T & J Plumbing

T & J Plumbing, Inc. is a licensed plumbing contractor specializing in commercial plumbing repairs and maintenance.

T & J Plumbing, Inc. routinely handles RPZ backflow Preventer Testing.  Illinois and EPA law require all backflow devices to be inspected annually.  The plumbers at T & J Plumbing are licensed to install, inspect, repair and certify all types of backflow devices ranging from ¼” to 12”.  T & J Plumbing, Inc. would be thrilled to safeguard your drinking water from contamination by testing and certifying your backflow devices in compliance with local, state and national laws.

T & J Plumbing, Inc. is offering all local businesses backflow testing and certification for $100/device.    This rate includes obtaining permit, testing backflow device, filing reports with Chicago Water Department, remind you of next annual test date and guarantee compliance with local, state and EPA laws.  For more information or to schedule this service, please contact Michelle at (773)545-4422.