St. Patrick High School

Saint Patrick High School was founded by the Christian Brothers in 1861. Throughout its history, Saint Patrick High School has remained an institution technologically advanced and highly competitive within all areas of the curriculum. Today Saint Patrick is the oldest Catholic boys’ high school in the city of Chicago.  It is also the oldest school operated by the Chicago Province of the Christian Brothers. Each year over 1,000 boys, representing over 100 elementary schools, form the student body, continuing the story that began 150 years ago.

One of Chicago’s most inclusive service oriented private secondary schools, Saint Patrick High School is Chicago’s oldest Catholic high school for boys, and it has remained at the forefront of education, ministering to the needs of young men in the Chicagoland area. Saint Patrick welcomes 9th through 12th grade students of other religious beliefs, varying academic abilities, and diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds.

The mission of Saint Patrick is to stress an educational process of the highest quality and to enable young men to develop their maximum potential as lifelong learners and contributors to society and the Church.

“The world changes, but too often structures remain the same. Visionaries, however, look at society, see its ills and work to change systems that keep people from reaching their fullest human potential.”